+40.000 jobs automated in the past month!

+1.000 robots deployed worldwide last month!

Fast, efficient and above all: smart

No difficult robo-rollouts.

We make it as easy and straightforward as possible to get started with Automagica. We understand that not every organization has access to a full-blown IT operations team. Deploying robots within your organization has never been this easy: it only takes a couple of minutes and we are happy to show you this in a live demo.

Build on the best technologies available

We believe that all organizations should have access to the vast amount of new technologies being released every day. Our platform is built on open source technologies such as Python and Google’s Tensorflow, and is therefore easily extensible with the latest and greatest developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Desktop Automation

Automate desktop interactions and processes cross-platform with Automagica.

Microsoft Office Automation

With Automagica, Office applications such as Excel, PowerPoint, Word can be automated.

Remote Desktop Automation

Using Computer Vision, Automagica can automate even applications through remote desktop connections, something other automation software often poses as a difficulty.

Optical Charactar Recognition (OCR)

Built-in in Automagica with Tesseract OCR engine.

Business App Automation

Automagica supports automation of SAP, Oracle Apps, Siebel, PeopleSoft, Salesforce, etc.

Tabular Data Manipulation

With Automagica it's easy to manipulate tabular data to aggregate and summarize data.

Computer Vision

Automagica has Computer Vision built in to recognize screen elements and text.

Browser Automation

Automate any task in any popular browser, be it Edge, Firefox, Chrome or Safari, Automagica can automate them all.

We love receiving your feedback

"We were looking for an automatic solution for our distribution and sales to make our business quicker and more efficient.
Chang M.
Congratulations for the amazing tool! Keep up the good work!
"We managed to automate a lot of our back-office processes with Automagica to further improve our service to our customers"

Join our Fast-Growing Open Source Community

Thousands of developers have engaged already with our open source robot.

Check it out now on GitHub.

Manage your entire digital workforce in one place

Monitor and control

With our Automagica Portal, you can manage all your Automagica robots in one single place. The Portal monitors your robots 24/7 and keeps a close eye on how successful your automations are running.


Schedule all your automations in one place. Whether you want to run your automations at night every day, or just once every month, the Automagica Portal has you covered.


Reporting functionality allows your robots to update you by e-mail on the outcome of your automations.


All activities by robots and humans alike are carefully logged at all times within the Automagica Portal to allow full auditability of your digital workforce.

Version control and collaboration

Work together in teams and control the versions of your automations so you can always go back to a previously working version. 

Free for non-commercial use only.
Would you like to use the Portal within your organization? Contact us.

Automagica Portal Dashboard

Built-in Script Editor

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