Automagica – Oakwood top 10 contributors on Github!

We are proud to announce that Automagica, our Robotic Process Automation software (RPA) is trending on Github this week. We noticed a sudden peak in engagement in our repository and were happy to see that for a few days we were the #2 Python repository and Oakwood was in the top 10 of open source contributors because of Automagica trending. These are the top 3 reasons why our robots are open source.


For us, open source is an aspect of transparency. Benefits of transparency include establishing trust with your customers and community and setting an example of open and honest business practice. We have automated processes in different industries where we work with all kinds of sensitive data, including financial in data large corporates and confidential patient data in healthcare. One can advocate being open, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating and by developing and releasing out in the open we show this by doing.

Community feedback

With almost a thousand new community members in a few days, we get a constant feedback from everyone involved. Lots of people testing, trying Automagica out in different environments and automating different applications and eventually reporting possible issues or improvements. This feedback is extremely useful for our development team to improve our code even further.

Resource availability

We like to encourage independence. When we automate processes for our clients, we offer consulting for process discovery, automation, custom development and maintenance. However, part of our open source philosophy is to not create vendor lock-in. We want our clients to have the option of choice in case they already have their own resources, either in-house or elsewhere.

If you have any questions about our software or you are looking to automate some processes feel free to reach out on or

The public Automagica Portal is live! 🐱‍🏍

We’re proud to announce that the public (free) version of our Automagica portal is now live! You can register and set up your Automagica robot at

Do keep in mind that the features and functionalities of the free version of the Automagica portal are still experimental and may change at any time. Also, only non-commercial use is allowed. If you are a company and require a commercial license or an on-premise deployment of the Automagica Portal, please contact us.

We’re on the Python Package Index! 🎉

From now on, you can install Automagica with pip!

This way, you’re assured of the latest version of Automagica by running the following command from your terminal:

pip install Automagica --upgrade

This should make it even easier for all Automagicians to install Automagica, anywhere on any system and start automating the world! Releasing our open source RPA library on PyPI further enables the Automagica community to easily automate any task, anywhere.

This version also adds connectivity to the soon-to-be-released Automagica portal as mentioned in our earlier post which will feature free automation management from the cloud. If you’re a company, do take a moment to read the fine print, as there are some rules we have to follow.

We’ve also improved cross-platform compatibility for MacOS and Linux systems. If you are still facing issues with this, feel free to post in our forum or make an issue on GitHub.

Automagica, free RPA? 👌🤖

We have some exciting news to share with you fellow Automagicians today!

In our efforts to make automation available to everyone, we are now announcing that our Automagica Portal will be free to use for (almost) everyone!

The Automagica Portal allows you to collaborate, manage and monitor your open source Automagica robots all in one place! This means that you can keep track of your robots progress in real-time, even when you’re on the go.

Our primary focus has been on implementing a user-friendly, one-minute setup process within the open source Automagica robot library to make setup as painless as possible for you all.

We will be announcing the go-live shortly, but you can already leave your e-mail here so we can let you know once it’s available. We are aiming to release it later this month, so be sure to leave your e-mail address.

There is a bit of fine print however (isn’t there always?). In order to guarantee the continuity of the open source Automagica RPA Python library, there are some rules we have to apply. Commercial users, more specifically companies with a worldwide aggregated revenue of over 1 million EUR, need to apply for a paid enterprise license in order to use the Automagica Portal. If you think this might apply to you, drop us an e-mail at PS: we also offer on-premise deployments for the larger corporates among you!

The entire Automagica-team is looking forward to the release of the publicly available Automagica Portal!

Want to stay up to date with what else we have in store (hint, hint) for the Automagica community? Keep a close eye on this blog! 👀

Welcome to our official blog!👏

As the user base for Automagica keeps growing so quickly (we recently went trending on GitHub a couple of times), we want to support this growth even further by providing an official blog, where we update you on the latest news with regards to Automagica!

Our goal with Automagica is to democratize automation make automation available to all, while ensuring continuity of the open source library with paid licensing models and features for the enterprise and commercial users. This blog is an example of our continuous efforts to support this goal.

Stay tuned for further updates by subscribing to this blog!

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